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We were indeed fortunate to watch the greatest that ever played. We saw Brett live for the last time in KC on 11/4/07. It was such an impressive show of never quit, never die attitude. He completely dismantled the Chiefs. Even the rough and rowdy Chiefs fans were impressed. I remember thinking to myself when you have a Hall of Fame quarterback on your team, it shuts the crowd down in a hurry. I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive to have been able to see him play at Lambeau at least once a year for the past 11 years. May he know only happiness and joy for the rest of his golden life! - Renee Morrison, Lincoln, Nebraska
Brett thank you for you for all that you have done for the Green Bay Packers. You led us to two straight Super Bowls just like we did with Lombardi in the first two Super Bowls. You had fought hard your whole career. You played through the worst of times also, When your dad had passed away it was terrible, but you still managed to play that game in Oakland and you won it for us. Then when your wife had breast cancer you had played like you were the football god. I'm glad to have watched and learned the ways of the best QB to ever had played the game. So good luck Brett, and thank you for all you have done for us Green Bay Fans, and you best deserve to be put in the Hall of Fame. Nice job CHAMP! - Richard Martin, Barstow, California
As an intercollegiate athletics administrator, Brett Favre is an icon I have used as an example of true desire and love of the game. He has been an inspiration and a leader in every aspect and will continue to carry those attributes well into retirement. Thank you for sharing your talents and strong character with all of us. - Holly Kerstner, Bowler, WI
Brett I just want to thank you for all the wonderful years you have given us. I have been watching you since the day you started playing in Green Bay. People say I'm crazy to like someone as much as I like you as a player. You are so fun to watch and bring joy to the game of football. How many quarterbacks can be stumbling and almost falling on their face yet still make the play? Not many. Who ever takes your place has sum big shoes to fill. It just won't be the same without you out on the field. What I like most when you guys are out on the field and you make an awesome play, you and Donald Driver, for some reason you guys love to spank each other on the rear or tackle each other. It would have been nice to see you do the lampbeau leap one more time though. Thanks again Brett for all the memories. Now its time for you to be with your other family and spend some quality time with them. You will be greatly missed. - Brenda Vigil, Neenah
I've always loved football, but people thought it strange that my favorite pro team was not my hometown team. Nope, I'm a Packers fan first of all. The way you played the game helped inspire my loyalty for the Pack, and now there's no turning back. For the last couple of years I've been living overseas, but I still watched the Packer games - even if it meant I had to get up in the middle of the night. Thanks for respecting the game, and loving it. Pro football won't be the same without you - you will be sorely missed. Congratulations on an outstanding career! - Ashley Watson, Houston, TX
Thanks for the memories!!! the nfl will not be the same with out you. nor will the packers.good luck ... - Denise, Wisconsin
I'm working and walking around somewhat numb today; never thought this day would come, although realistically, I knew it would. Thank you, Brett and Deanna, for sharing your life with us and the Green Bay Packers over the past 16 seasons. You have given us so many remarkable gifts: You have taught us it is possible to come back from any adversity that life throws at us; you have taught us to never give up AND you (and Deanna) have taught us about survival; you have taught us how to thoroughly enjoy our life's work; you have taught us about tenacity and determination to be the best you can be; you have taught us about the importance of connection through your relationship with Deanna; you have taught us how important passion and commitment are in both work and life; and may be most of all, you have taught us about loyalty, to your father in how you play the game of football, and to the Green Bay Packers, in giving the Pack (and all of us) the best you had to give, every day. I'm still hoping your decision is not final, and that you will reconsider how much you mean to so many, and give us one more year. Thank you for everything, and all the best to you, Brett, Deanna and your daughters. - Susan, Minneapolis
Brett~~You will be missed more than you can ever know. You have been a part of our "Family" for all these years. Sundays just won't be the same without you at our dinner table, and in our living rooms. I was hoping and praying you would make one last trip to Dallas to cross that little item off your lifetime "To Do" list. If you do change your mind and do come back, that would be ok with all of us!!! Regardless, you will always be our hero, not only for your talent but your enthusiasm and your total class! Enjoy your retirement, but know we love you and your family, and wish you health and happiness in all furture endeavors! - Jane A. hanson, Dallas Texas
Thank You. - Kenneth & Michael Miller, Dubuque, IA
As I sit here feeling like a 10 year old, almost in tears, (I'm 35)I'm thinking of all the years of watching Brett. He is the single reason that I am the football fan that I am today. I remember that September day in 1992 like it was yesterday. When the "Magic man" went down and Brett came in to save the day, I thought to myself, "wow, he's really something". Who knew how great he would become. I wish him well in life and with Deanna and the s, but will miss him so. He has earned the "right" to retire and enjoy his family. I know this is so selffish of me to say, but I wish he would have gave it one more year. My son and I were set to see him play for the first time in 2008 when the Pack comes to Nashville. I just have 2 more hours before he gets home from school when I have to break the news to him. Packer Fan for Life. GO PACK GO!!!! - Keith Sylvis, Dickson, Tn.
While I was sad to hear of Brett retiring, I give him credit for knowing when the right time was to hang up his helmet and leave on a high note. I was hoping he could have had a more "glorious" exit, such as Jon Elway in 1997-98; but this was fitting. He exited quietly and humbly--just like the man he was and is. If I have learned anything from watching him play for the last 16 years, it's to give your best ( I know that sounds cliche) in everything you do and most importantly do things b/c YOU want to do them. Not because anyone else wants you to. Otherwise, you're not having fun and neither is anyone else around you. It had to have taken alot for him to admit his age was finally catching up to his young soul and by acknowledging this, he only allows Aaron Rodgers to find his niche in the team and to develop into a winning QB like his predecessor. Thank you, Brett Favre, for giving the fans ( all fans not just Packer fans)a reason to love watching the game, for allowing us to cheer you on even in a loss- you always gave it your all. I can only hope young NFL players and players to be look to you as a fine example of committment, perseverance, and humilty qualities that you don't come across very often these days. Good luck and hope to see you in the booth or on the sidelines one day in the future. - Kirsten Amstadt, Chicago
I just want to say thank you for everything. Having you as our quarterback meant everything to the fans. It meant we always had a chance. It meant that even if we had a losing record, our team was something special because you were on it. I appreciate the attitude you brought to the game, and the way you played it. I appreciate that you allowed us, the fans, to know personal things about you. You made it clear you were just a guy who played football. You showed that you were human. Through the wins and the losses, the ups and the downs, I was happy that you were with us, as is every Packer fan. Thank you for everything. - Ben Johnson, Milwaukee, Wi
Thanks Brett! You are The Greatest! - Mark and Sharon Koneazny, Eau Claire, WI
Hate to see ya go. Thanks 4 all the great memories. You are a class act, down to earth and just a good ol boy. YOU are the Green Bay Packers. Good luck, you will be missed. - Cory Reuter, Bloomington, Wisconsin
Brett-- You are the best that there ever was or ever will be. By far, you have been the most loved player in the NFL over the past 16 seasons. You will be missed. - Ethan Pratt, Yorktown, VA
Thanks Brett, it's been a great 16 years. You gave us all a lot to cheer about. You have been a great example of what a real sports hero is. Congratulations on a job well done. Just remember, you are always welcome in Wisconsin. - Busia, Lake Geneva
Brett you will be missed!! But WOW what an AWESOME Carreer!! To the Favre Family- Thank you so much for sharing Brett with us all these years. It has been a great journey!! Like all fans, I would love to watch Brett for many years to come, Sundays and Monday Nights just will not be the same. Enjoy your family life and hopefully we will see you in the near future announcing or coaching!! - Tonya Kirchner, Bloomington,MN
love brett favre! - smw, st. louis
Ever since I was around 8 years old, I have done nothing but watch Brett play. I was the one who would run around telling my mom that I would one day marry Brett Farve. I grew up with two brothers, a dad, and a mom who lall oved football. I am 22 now and I have dreaded this day for so long. I enjoy watching football whenever I get to see Brett play and when I get to watch the ever so eventful games that Green Bay plays. I cannot say that I will remain the hardcore Green Bay fan that I have been now that Brett is retiring. To me, Brett Farve is Green Bay and no offence to Aaron Rodgers, but that is how it will remain. I have spent the past 14 years watching Brett Farve every Sunday or Monday. He was amazingly gifted and he never took that for granted. He stayed true to the game and never hid even behind his own personal problems. Football lost a phenomenal athlete, respected player, and a true great today! - Crystal, West Jefferson, North Carolina
Brett I just want to thank you for all you have done for the Packers and the game of football. I know you want to be remembered as just a guy but you are more than that. You are an inspration to all when faced with trouble. You came out and admitted you had demonds and delt with them. You faced the lose of your father and the destruction of your mom's house. You inspired me when after learning of your father's death you carried on. Last year I too lost my father and in 2003 my mother while deployed to Kuwait. It has been hard but you helped me through it all. I have been a Packer fan since the early 60's throught the good and the bad. You brought the title back to title town......THANKS and my God watch down on you and your family...... - Greg Engler, Cedar Rapids, IA
Brett & Deanna underestimate all that they've done for Green Bay and the NFL. While Brett has been instrumental in restoring pride to a storied franchise and its fans, Deanna took the initiative with her breast cancer awareness campaign. These two amazing people have offered so much hope and have helped so many people. Of course we as fans are in a state of shock with Brett's announcement, knowing how close the Packers are to getting back to the Superbowl, but Brett has earned the right to his decision. Until the season kicks off in September, I am still hopeful that seeing Brett getting antsy and on her nerves around the house, Deanna will kick him in the arse and tell him to get back up to Green Bay and out of her hair!! May God bless the Favre family - whatever happens - because they've sure blessed us with their spirit! ps- Brett - you can come fishing or hunting with me and my brothers anytime. - Tim Metzler, Evanston, Il.
Hate to see you go, but thanks for the wonderful things you did to the game. You set the level that no other QB will ever reach. I will be tell my two girls that I got to see one of the greatest QB ever to play the game, And he eat chicken off my moms plate. You’re always welcome to Louisville, KY. See you at the Kentucky derby this year. - Jason Lambert, Louisville, KY
Brett I want to say a Hugh Thank You to you and your family for all the great years with the Packer family. I thought for sure you would be back for at least one more season as you still have it my friend. I have truely enjoyed watching your performance throught the time that you have spent with us. I made my trip to Green bay for the first time back 2 years ago for a Monday night game againest Tenn. This was the weekend of the unfortanute passing of your lovely wifes brother and you had this issue to deal with on this weekend.. I was also very privalged to sit and enjoy a wonderful dinner with your mom on thsi weeken at your steakhouse, this was during the release of your new book 4 which I also purchased. Your Mom and I shared some wonderful converstion during our dinner and then enjoyed the Birthday cake that was made for you. This is something that you and I share as well Brett, our Birthdays are the same October 10. I too have also lost my father he was only 69 years young soem 8 years ago. The memories that you have created will last a lifetime. I look forward to someday having the opportunity to meet you. For you are a the true meaning of a good Ole Hero.. Thank You Brett and God Bless to you and your Family. Patrick - Patrick J Marnell, Syracuse NY
Growing up in chicago it is very hard to deal with all the bear fans around here. I have always been a packers fan though. I have been blessed to be able to watch in my eyes the best quarterback of all time. Favre gave me so many memories that I wont forget until the day I die. I will still be a packers fan no matter what. I just know that Brett still had at least a season left in him. But in the end whatever makes him happy is all that matters. THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES BRETT. YOUR THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!! - Jake, Chicago
I never watched pro football until a Sunday in 1994 when my 10-year old son told me to sit down and watch this quarterback play. I did and I was hooked! Therefore, to me, Brett Farve IS pro football. I can't imagine watching another Packers game without him. Winning was always fun, but the most fun to me was watching him play - his enthusiasm, perserverance, and most importantly, his heart. He epitomizes what a good team player should be - not only on the field but off. I feel as if I've lost a best friend. I wish Brett and his family only the best and thank all of them for the many years of memories. The NFL will never be the same. - Debbie Collins, Davenport, Iowa