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  • Tue., Sep. 01, 2015 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM CDT Live McCarthy Press Conf.

    10:45 a.m.                   Head Coach Mike McCarthy available in Media Auditorium

  • Tue., Sep. 01, 2015 12:15 PM - 2:15 PM CDT *Public practice *Any practices moved inside to the Don Hutson Center due to inclement weather, poor field conditions or for any other reason will be closed to the public due to space limitations. All other practices listed are expected to be open unless listed otherwise. All outdoor practices are expected to be held on Ray Nitschke Field (across from the Resch Center). All times indicated are Central.
  • Wed., Sep. 02, 2015 9:15 AM - 9:45 AM CDT Live Thompson Press Conf.

    9:15 a.m.                     GM Ted Thompson available in Media Auditorium

  • Wed., Sep. 02, 2015 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDT Gilbert Brown Appearance

    Gilbert Brown

    Wednesday, September 2, 2015 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

    Sargento-Meijer's appearance

    Oak Creek, WI
  • Thu., Sep. 03, 2015 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM CDT Gerry Ellis and Tony Fisher appearance

    Gerry Ellis and Tony Fisher appearance

    Thursday, September 3, 2015 3:30 - 5pm

    Green Bay Packers Bishop’s Charities Game

    Meet and Greet Autograph Table

    Oneida Nation Gate, Lambeau Field

  • Thu., Sep. 03, 2015 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT Packers vs. New Orleans Saints (Bishop's Charities Game) Packers vs. New Orleans Saints (Bishop's Charities Game)


All-Time Practice Squad

The NFL in 1989 created a five-player developmental squad. In 1990, the league changed the name to practice squad. Players can leave a practice squad for another team only if they join a 53-man roster of another NFL team. At the 2004 Annual Meeting, NFL owners decided to expand the squad from five to eight players. The 254 players who've spent time on Green Bay's developmental/practice squad:

All-Time Practice Squad, 1989-2009
Abrams, Joshua (CB), Ohio2008
Adkisson, James (TE), South Carolina State2007
Aeilts, Rick (TE), Southeast Missouri State1989
Akins, Chris (S), Arkansas-Pine Bluff1999
Albright, Ethan (T), North Carolina1994
Alcorn, Zac (TE), Black Hills State2006
Alford, Darnell (T), Boston College2002
Allen, Jake (WR), Mississippi College2008-09
Anderson, Lyonel (TE), Kansas2005
Anderson, Ronnie (WR), Allegheny College1997
Armstrong, Calvin (T), Washington State2006
Artmore, Rodney (S), Baylor1998
Austin, Randy (TE), UCLA1991
Avery, Steve (FB), Northern Michigan1990
Barrie, Sebastian (DE), Liberty1992
Bass, Anthony (CB), Bethune-Cookman1998
Bass, Robert (LB), Miami (Fla.)1995
Beauford, Terry (G), Florida A&M1992-93
Bell, Dalton (QB), West Texas A&M2007
Bell, Tyrone (CB), North Alabama1999
Bigby, Atari (S), Central Florida2005-06
Bjork, Carl-Johan (LB), Sweeden2007
Blair, Michael (FB), Ball State1998
Bledsoe, Fred (DT), Arkansas2008
Borgognone, Dirk (K), Pacific1995
Bowles, Scott (G), North Texas State1992
Bragg, Craig (WR), UCLA2005
Branch, Bruce (CB), Penn State2002
Brewster, Carlton (WR), Ferris State2006
Bridewell, Jeff (QB), California-Davis1991
Bristol, Mark (T), Mansfield2001
Brohm, Brian (QB), Louisville2009
Brooks, Durant (P), Georgia Tech2008
Burnette, Reggie (LB), Houston1991
Burris, Henry (QB), Temple2001
Butler, Vince (WR), Northwestern Oklahoma State2005
Campion, Pete (T/G), North Dakota State2002
Carlyle, Calvin (CB), Oregon State2003
Carter, Bernard (LB), East Carolina1994
Carthon, Ran (RB), Florida2005
Carvalho, Brennen (C), Portland State2008
Clark, D.J. (CB), Idaho State2009
Clavelle, Shannon (DE), Colorado1995
Clowney, David (WR), Virginia Tech2007
Cole, Colin (DT), Iowa2004
Collins, Brett (LB), Washington1992
Cooper, George (FB), Ohio State1989
Coutain, Kenny (WR), Memphis2000
Cox, Kennard (CB), Pittsburgh2008
Crabtree, Tom (TE), Miami (Ohio)2009
Crawford, Lionell (WR), Wisconsin1993
Cullinane, Gene (C/G), Washburn1991
Curry, Donte (LB), Morris Brown2001
Curry, Julius (S), Michigan2004
Daniels, Stanley (G), Washington2009
Dean, Walter (FB), Grambling1991
Dendy, Patrick (CB), Rice2005-06
Diedrick, Dahrran (RB), Nebraska2003
Dittman, Seth (T), Stanford1995
Dixon, Jimmy (FB), Georgia Tech2005
Donald, Tony (LB/TE), Western State (Colo.)2003
Ealy, Biren (WR), Houston2009
Eby, Andy (C), Kansas State2002
Emodi, Ike (LB), East Carolina2004
Evans, Jerry (TE), Toledo1991
Evans, Scott (DE), Oklahoma1991
Fagan, Tommy (DE), Northeast Louisiana1994-95
Farris, Kris (T), UCLA2002
Fields, Jeff (DT), Arkansas St.1995
Flesher, Tom (DE), Weber State1989
Fogle, Anthony (CB), Oklahoma1997
Fontenot, Therrian (CB), Fresno State2005
Ford, Trevor (CB), Troy2009
Francies, Chris (WR), Texas-El Paso2006-07
Francois, Robert (LB), Boston College2009
Franz, Todd (S), Tulsa2002
Gabbard, Steve (T), Florida State1991
Gado, Samkon (RB), Liberty University2005
Gall, Chris (FB), Indiana2001
Gavadza, Jason (TE), Kent2000
Gbaja-Biamila, Kabeer (DE), San Diego State2000
Gilmore, John (DE), Tennessee State2002
Gizzi, Chris (LB), Air Force2000
Goodman, Herbert (RB), Graceland2000
Goodson, Tyrone (WR), Auburn1999
Goodwell, Tim (LB), Memphis2006
Gordon, Cedric (WR), Ferris State1989
Griffith, Brent (T), Minnesota-Duluth1992
Hall, Lamont (TE), Clemson1999
Hall, Mark (DE), Southwestern Louisiana1989
Hamilton, Ruffin (LB), Tulane1994
Hamm, Horace (WR), Lehigh1992
Hanoian, Greg (FB), Syracuse2005
Hansen, Carl (DE/DT), Stanford1999
Hanson, Chris (P), Marshall1999
Hardie, Rudolph (DE), Howard2008
Harrell, Reggie (WR), Texas Christian2005
Harris, Antoineo (RB), Illinois2005
Harris, Clark (TE), Rutgers2007
Harris, Elliott (DE), Arkansas2005
Hart, Lawrence (TE), Southern University1999
Hasselbeck, Matt (QB), Boston College1998
Havner, Spencer (LB), UCLA2006-07
Hayes, Joe (G), San Jose State2005
Hayes, Chris (S), Washington State1996
Haynos, Joey (TE), Maryland2008
Heimburger, Craig (G), Missouri1999-2000
Hentrich, Craig (P/K), Notre Dame1993
Herndon, Warner (S), Morgan State2000
Herrion, Atlas (G/T), Alabama2004
Herron, Anthony (DE), Iowa2001
Hochertz, Marty (DE), Southern Illinois1992
Holder, Chris (WR), Tuskegee1992
Holt, Reggie (S), Wisconsin1995
Hope, Charles (G/T), Central (Ohio) State1993-94
Horacek, Mike (WR), Iowa State2000-01
Hudson, Craig (TE), Wisconsin1990
Humphrey, Deon (LB), Florida State1999
Humphrey, Jay (T), Texas2002
Humphrey, Tory (TE), Central Michigan2005
Hutchins, Paul (G/T), Western Michigan1993
Jackson, Alcender (G), Louisiana State2002
Jackson, Kenny (LB), Nevada-Reno2001
Jennings, Brandon (DB), Texas A&M2002
Jimenez, Jason (T), Southern Mississippi2003
Johnson, Joe (CB), North Carolina State1991
Johnson, Steve (CB), Tennessee1999
Johnson, Taj (WR), San Diego State1998
Jones, Jamal (WR), North Carolina A&T2004-05
Jones, Khalil (WR), Miami (Fla.)2009
Jones, Onrea (WR), Hampton2007
Josue, Steve (LB), Carson-Newman2003
Jurkovic, John (NT), Eastern Illinois1991
Karczewski, Doug (G/T), Virginia1999
Kearney, Jay (WR), West Virginia1994
Keenan, Ryan (G), Northwestern2007
Kehl, Ed (T/G), Brigham Young2000-01
Kight, Kelvin (WR/KR), Florida2004
Kinder, Randy (CB), Notre Dame1997
Kirby, Scott (T), Arizona State1989
Kirksey, John (DT), Sacramento State1994
Kitts, Jim (FB), Ferrum1997
Krause, Ryan (TE), Nebraska-Omaha2007
Landry, Michael (DE), Southern University2003
Lansanah, Danny (LB), Connecticut2008
Leach, Vonta (FB), East Carolina2004
Lee, Steve (FB), Indiana1997
Leffew, Travis (G/T), Louisville2006
Lenon, Paris (LB), Richmond2001
Lewis, Devin (WR), Southern University2002
Lloyd, Doug (RB), North Dakota Staet1991
Lucas, Chad (WR), Alabama State2005
Lumpkin, Kregg (RB), Georgia2009
Lyon, Billy (DE), Marshall1997
Malone, Alfred (DT), Troy2007-08
Manning, Brian (WR), Stanford1998
Marker, Mike (WR), Millikin2004
Martin, Ruvell (WR), Saginaw Valley State2005
Matthews, Eric (WR), Indiana1996
McBrien, Scott (QB), Maryland2004
McCoy, Mike (QB), Utah1995
McElmurry, Blaine (S), Montana1997
McGill, Jason (WR), Georgia Tech1993
McGill, Tim (DT), Illinois2005
McGruder, Michael (CB), Kent State1989
McHugh, Sean (TE), Penn State2004
McKinney, Anthony (TE), Connecticut1998
McNeil, Nick (LB), Western Carolina2004
Meredith, Jamon (T), South Carolina2009
Millhouse, Kelvin (CB), Hawaii2004
Miree, Brandon (FB), Pittsburgh2006
Moore, Jason (CB/S), San Diego State2000
Moore, Tim (LB), Michigan State1989
Morgan, Tim (P), San Jose State2001
Morton, John (WR), Western Michigan1993
Moses, J.J. (WR/KR), Iowa State2001-02
Mosley, Denorse (CB), Edinboro1998
Neal, Randy (LB), Virginia1995
Nelson, Jim (LB), Penn State1998
Newman, Adam (TE), Boston College2000
Nnabuife, Alvin (S), Southern Methodist2006
Noa, Kaulana (G), Hawaii2003
Obiozor, Cyril (LB), Texas A&M2009
Owens, Buster (CB), Georgia1996
Palmer, Pat (WR), Northwestern (La.) State1998
Parchman, Corey (WR), Ball State2002
Patrick, Chris (G), Nebraska2007
Paxson, Scott (DT), Penn State2006
Pearson, Pepe (RB), Ohio State1998
Pizzotti, Chris (QB), Harvard2009
Porter, Joe (CB), Rutgers2007-08
Purify, Bobby (RB), Colorado2005
Randolph, Dane (T), Maryland2009
Reilly, Mike (QB), Central Washington2009
Rice, Frank (WR), Colorado State2003
Robertson, Chris (RB), Houston2004
Robinson, Michael (CB), Hampton1996
Rooths, James (CB), Shepherd College2001
Rowe, Joe (CB), Virginia1997
Russell, Calvin (WR), Tuskegee2006
Sam, Lorne (WR), Texas-El Paso2008
Sands, Terdell (DT), Tennessee-Chattanooga2002-03
Schau, Tom (C/G), Illinois2000
Schroeder, Bill (WR), Wisconsin-La Crosse1994, 96
Scott, Walter (DE), East Carolina1996
Sedoris, Chris (C/G), Purdue1996
Settles, Tawambi (CB), Duke1998
Seymour, Bill (FB/TE), Michigan2002
Shiver, Stan (S), Florida State1989
Shorts, Pete (DE), Illinois State1990
Showell, Malcom (DE), Delaware State1993
Simmons, Charlie (WR), Georgia Tech1995
Smith, Art (S), Northeastern2004
Smith, Emory (FB), Clemson1997
Steele, Ben (TE), Mesa State2004
Stenavich, Adam (G), Michigan2006
Stephenson, Cameron (G), Rutgers2007
Stuber, Tim (T), Colorado State2002
Swain, Brett (WR), San Diego State2008
Swiney, Erwin (CB), Nebraska2002-03
Talley, Ronald (DE), Delaware2009
Tarver, Hurley (CB), Central Oklahoma2001-02
Thomas, Wilson (WR), Nebraska2003
Thompson, Orrin (T), Duke2006-07
Thompson, Paul (QB), Oklahoma2007
Thurman, Andrae (WR), Southern Oregon2004
Tollefson, Dave (DE), Northwest Missouri State2006
Toribio, Anthony (DT), Carson-Newman2008-09
Toy, Maury (RB), UCLA1992
Tucker, Jason (WR), Texas Christian1998
Vines, Scottie (WR), Wyoming2003
Wachholtz, Kyle (QB/TE), Southern California1996-97
Walker, Johnny (WR), Texas1991
Warner, Josh (G), Brockport State2002
Washburn, Cliff (T), The Citadel2007
Wells, Scott (C), Tennessee2004
White, Corey (RB), Alabama-Birmingham2007
White, Mitch (T), Oregon State2002
White, Reggie (RB), Oklahoma State2002
Williams, Gerald (WR), Oklahoma1999-2000
Williams, Jay (DE), Wake Forest1994
Williams, Patrick (WR), Colorado2009
Williams, Tramon (CB), Louisiana Tech2006
Williams, Walter (RB), Grambling State2004
Williams, Wendall (S), Louisiana-Lafayette2004
Wilson, Ray (S), New Mexico1994
Wishom, Jerron (CB), Louisiana Tech2005
Wood, Joe (K), Air Force1995
Woodfin, Zac (LB), Alabama-Birmingham2005
Woolfork, Ronnie (LB), Colorado1995
Wynn, DeShawn (RB), Florida2008
Young, David (S), Georgia Southern2004
Zolman, Greg (QB), Vanderbilt2002

First Developmental Squad, September 1989
FB George Cooper Ohio State
SS Stan Shiver Florida State
LB Tim Moore Michigan State
DE Mark Hall Southwestern Louisiana

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